Thursday, 30 August 2012

Tiger Airways: Ruling The Skies With low Cost Fares!

A low cost airline that along with its subsidiaries and partners is a strong competitor to the best of airlines today, Tiger Airways is predominantly active in the Asian and Australian skies.

The airline has made a strong impact in the low fares category and was famous for bringing about an overall price reduction in fare prices, especially in Australia. After its launch in the island continent, Tiger Airways Australia created a niche for itself in the affordable flights market which forced other players to slash their prices as well. Tiger Airways hence proved to be a double blessing for passengers in Australia!

Tiger Airways Singapore in the meantime also had its own success story written in the Asian aviation sector. Commencing operations in March 2005, it mainly operates from the Changi Airport and is a major player in the low fares airlines sector here.

Joint ventures and holdings drive Tiger Airways!

Tiger Airways Holdings Limited is the parent company of the Tiger Airways brand and is based in Singapore. The company looks after the overall management of the operations and management of all the airline ventures under its fold.

Tiger Airways Singapore and Tiger Airways Australia are the two airlines which are wholly owned by the parent company. Apart from them, Tiger Airways Holding Ltd. also has stakes in both Mandala Airlines as well as SEAir.

The right partnerships and management decisions have helped Tiger Airways to rule the skies in a big way!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Ticket-Less Travel with Tiger Airways Tickets

Tiger Airways is a subsidiary of Tiger Airways Holdings Limited and was founded in 2003. It is a low-cost airline with its headquarters in Singapore and the operating hub at the Singapore Changi Airport. Tiger Airways is the largest low-cost airline operating out of Singapore in terms of passengers carried. Having a fleet size of 21, it flies to28 destinations in 10 countries. You can reserve your Tiger Airways tickets up to four hours in advance.

The online booking is the most preferred way of booking. You can search for a flight of your choice and reserve your tickets if seats are available. There are Tiger Airways dedicated call centers exclusively for the airline to help you with traveling. You can book your tickets and request for any additional facilities if needed. The booking centers and travel agents are the other options to reserve your tickets. Group booking is possible for groups of 10 or more, but check-in has to be done individually. Passengers should check-in 2 hours prior to the departure of the flight and it closes 45 minutes before the flight departs. Passengers can select their preferred seats by paying extra charge on seats. Ticket-less travel is an additional feature where you need to carry only the flight itinerary and a valid ID proof while traveling.

The cabin crew consists of people from various nations. Tiger Bites is a buy-on-board program that enables passengers to purchase light meals, snacks and beverages on the flight. The airline’s magazine, Tiger Tales, is offered free of cost. Tiger Airways tickets are available at affordable rates and fits in your budget.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Tiger Airways Tickets: Satisfying Your Needs Perfectly

Tiger Airways has its base in Singapore and is an alternative flight to Singapore Airlines. It covers 19 destinations in 8 countries. Its rating is not high as it is quiet new, yet it is quite satisfactory. Tiger Airways is a good choice for flying in neighboring countries like Thailand, China and Hong Kong. It offers some very cheap tickets so it is one of the most preferred airlines for budget conscious travelers.

Tiger Airways' fleet comprises only one type of aircraft, the single-aisle A320, on which it fits the maximum number of 180 passengers. The seats are priced according to location. There are six "groups" of seats priced from S$30 for Group A and goes down to S$3 for Group F. If you would like to book Tiger Airways tickets, you must book up to four hours before the schedule departure time in any of the five ways: Directly, from the company website, travel portals, via the airlines’ call center, at the ticket counters and through the travel agents. Tiger Airways tickets allow baggage up to 7kgs per passenger and extra baggage is charged at $15 if booked online or $30 if booked at the airport, up to 15 kgs.

With Tiger Airways tickets you can buy light food and hot and cold beverages on board. One of the best schemes offered by Tiger Airways is Stripes. It is an exclusive privilege program where as a member you get discounted fares for yourself and your companions (just for 29. 50$). Available throughout the year, it gives the chance to avail of exclusive partner promotions from time to time. With Tiger Airways, you also get deals like flight deals, car hire deals, hotel deals and accommodation deals.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Tiger Airways Booking Help You to Reach the Sky

The Tiger Airways booking can be done for travelling to destinations such as Singapore, Australia, Jakarta, Philippines, etc. The airline believes in providing low-cost fare to passengers and their vision is to enable everyone to fly by offering rates that are affordable to customers.

The airline goes by the motto of removing all unnecessary overhead costs that will enable them to offer good rates but at the same time provide safety and security to the passengers. The airline operates a fleet size of 34 aircraft i.e. 21 in Singapore, 10 in Australia and 3 in Indonesia. The airline uses A320 and A319 Airbus. A320 Airbus has180 seats, 4 cabin and 2 cockpit crews. A319 Airbus has 144 seats, 3 cabin and 2 cockpit crews. Both offer only economy class travel. The airline is listed on Singapore Exchange.

The online reservation can be done by visiting their official site. Bookings can be done for single trip or round trip and helps the customer to manage his bookings by viewing the status of tickets that are already booked, changing the date of travel, canceling the ticket and getting a refund, if necessary. The baggage check-in is open to passengers two hours before the departure and reporting time is 2 hours before the scheduled departure.

The Tiger Airways booking hit the 1.5 millionth passenger mark in the year 2006 and has been on a growth spree since then. By December 2009, it had welcomed its 11th million passengers and still continues to welcome the passengers with its hospitable and excellent service.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Tiger Airways Online Booking - Experience the Uniqueness of Online Ticket Booking

Whoever travels in Tiger Airways will never forget the unique flying experience the airline provides. This low-cost airline was introduced in 2003. It is partially owned by Singapore Airlines and is a no-frills airline that fulfills all the demands of the travelers. In short, the airline is a combination of luxury and low airfare. Though the airline was introduced in 2003, it started its operations in March 2005 from the Changi International Airport. Passengers can book their tickets through the official web portal using the Tiger Airways online booking facility.

Tiger Airways connects destinations within 5-hour radius from Singapore. In spite of being a low-cost air carrier, it provides world-class services to the passengers. The airline has achieved its success and shown to the aviation industry the real meaning of success.  The online booking facility provided in the web portal is quite user friendly that it allows anyone to book tickets quite easily and conveniently. Moreover, the passengers are facilitated with updates and alerts to ensure punctuality and safety. They are allowed for web check-in and baggage check-in to avoid last minute rush. Furthermore, they can also obtain the boarding pass online saving time. The Tiger Airways online booking service benefits prospective passengers by providing hand full of deals, discounts and frequent flying programs. No doubt, this help many a traveler to plan his trip cheaply saving a lot of money on air tickets. So, book your ticket in Tiger Airways and fly luxuriously at a low cost saving your time and money.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Tiger Airways Online Booking: For a Convenient and Pleasant Journey!

Tiger Airways, an international airline assures it passengers a secure, punctual and comfortable air travel at affordable prices. Launched in 2003, the airline operates numerous flights daily at destinations like India, Bangladesh, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines. Planning and finalizing a trip with the airline is a breeze walk with its online services that offer multiple conveniences to passengers. Customers can do bookings instantly for one way and round trips, as well as modify bookings if required. Tiger Airways online booking allows travelers view flight time tables and tariffs before planning their tours.

The airline’s website displays detailed information pertaining to baggage allowance, check-in procedures, and travel guidelines and documentation. Users can apply for travel insurance, as well as do hotel reservations and book cars on rent via the airline’s online portal. Other than this Tiger Airways offers special tariffs for people traveling in group of ten or more. The airline also offers special care to visitors like expectant women, minors traveling alone and people with disabilities. As part of Tiger Airways online booking travelers can place requests for various medical aids like wheel chairs, stretchers, medical syringes etc. The Stripes program gives you the best reasons to choose Tiger Airways with its various attractive deals to keep you energized.

The airline features Flight Combo™, a provision that allows passengers to book an entire journey at once and thereby avail various conveniences. Travelers can also expect a wide variety of high standard in-flight food and beverages in addition to great shopping options. So what’s your take on this?

Friday, 27 January 2012

Tiger Airways Online Booking: A Lucrative and Easy Way to Book Your Tickets

Tiger Airways, which started its operation in 2003, has its major hub at Singapore. Despite regional competition and regulation, Tiger Airway has reiterated its current intention to remain focused on flying to routes within a five hour radius from its Singaporean base. Tiger Airways online booking portal offers you comprehensive search facilities providing Tiger Airways flight schedules. You can get the updates of all Tiger Airways flight status on the website.

It also helps easy booking of your flight tickets by providing details like travel date, flight and fares. The website also facilitates enter Add-ons like luggage upsize, travel insurance and any sports equipment check-ins. You can also check the PNR status of your tickets by providing information like booking reference number and date on the online booking website. No wonder, it is an easy four-step process that helps anyone undergo online bookings very easily and conveniently.

Through several online travel portals and Tiger Airways online booking website you can find the latest deals and offers on flights. Tiger Airways also offers an exclusive airline privilege program known as Stripes, that lets you book before everyone else, any time. As a stripes member you get first dibs on the best deals. Most of these websites have a lot of other information there that give complete details of Tiger Airways like details of domestic and international destination guide, flight combo, fees and charges, baggage, check-in, etc., for the convenience of its travelers. Passengers are required to carry a printed copy of the ticket with a photo ID while traveling.  So, book your tickets on Tiger Airways and enjoy your air travel.